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Mehwish A. Issa


"Excellent trainer!! I really enjoyed his workouts and his daily assignments!"





Megan Jackson


"He is the best trainer I have ever had.  Winner is unique in his training style and cares a lot about his clients.  I struggled to drop baby fat weight for years, but when I signed up with him, I saw results weekly and reached my fitness goal quicker than expected."


Shiffy Feldman


"Winner was the best trainer I could've ever asked for! He had the best workouts planned for our sessions twice a week and challenged me with daily assignments. Even now that I'm not training, he still checks in on me every once in a while and clearly cares about me and his other clients.  He doesn't mind if I text him questions or updates about my workouts...All in all couldn't have asked for a better trainer and motivator! Thanks Winner :)"


Viviana Murillo


"Winner es sin duda uno de los mejores entrenadores físicos de Chicago. Este muchacho tiene una manera única de alentar y motivar a sus clientes. Estuve buscando un entrenador que hablara español tanto para mi esposo como para mi. Encontramos a Winner quien habla español, y con sus precios accesibles nos inscribimos de una vez.  Winner cambio nuestros malos hábitos alimenticios con su constante seguimiento y evaluación nutricional. Si tu quieres resultados, entonces encontraste a la persona correcta."

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